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… change, as the only constant. With technology companies improving their product offer almost permanently, implementing a strong, static cloud solution today may not be the best alternative in a few months time. We believe in helping our customers deliver cloud platforms that are cost effective today, and that will evolve to continue to be cost effective through the lifecycle of your investment. We believe in building solid technical foundations, and keeping them ready to evolve at short notice, as the best way to help our customers deliver their products.

Does this sound familiar? Is the lifecycle of your technology stack investment an impediment to fulfil your product delivery ambitions?




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Areas of Practice

Cloud journey

No single cloud vendor provides the best solution to all your needs. A multi-cloud approach, where each application’s hosting solution is chosen based on its specific requirements, is a more effective solution. This can be achieved without increasing the ongoing maintenance costs. Let us tell you how.

offshore development

Offshore development is typically a trade-off. There’s a thin line when trying to reduce operational costs while keeping quality up to a standard. And finding that balance is rarely without challenges. No solution could possibly deliver to the required quality, at a low cost, in an environment culturally similar to Australia. Till now…

devops automation

With the consistent introduction of varying revenue streams and distribution channels, the opportunity for profit grows, but so does the complexity, and challenges from our competitors. Reducing time to market through automation is essential to any product’s success. That’s where we come in.

strategic direction

Prioritising business initiatives that compete for the same resources is an ongoing challenge for many businesses. When independent advice is required, how do we ensure this advice is technology agnostic and unbiased? Let’s have a chat.

data and insights

To make strategic decisions, having the right information available at the right time is only a good start. Data systems will evolve, and being ready to capture that evolution as it occurs in a proactive and consistent way is paramount to a data analytics solution’s success. Contact us to discuss how to get there

security assessment

The Current corporate landscape presents a variety of threats to organisations, that could compromise their assets, reputation and most importantly customer’s confidential information. With a limited budget, prioritising properly is our best shot to stay ahead of the game. We are here to help you.


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— atessa


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